What is Fresh Foam?

Fresh Foam represents a revolutionary advancement in the material that cushions the high impact foot strikes that occur on roads, tracks, courts, and fields everywhere. Informed by 3D motion captured pressure mapping and force application data gathered from real athletes, Fresh Foam is softness quantified.

The Fresh Foam X 1080v12

Our best shoe isn’t meant for special occasions.

Fresh Foam lineup

Side profile of a Fresh Foam 880v12 shoe

The Fresh Foam 880v12: Durable cushioning for all the miles

Fresh Foam 880v12
Knee down of a runner wearing black leggings and black Fresh Foam 860v12 shoes, with heels facing slightly forward

The Fresh Foam X 860v12: Essential stability

Fresh Foam 860v12
Slide profile of yellow 1080 shoes

The Fresh Foam 1080v12: Fresh Foam X cushioning technology

Fresh Foam 1080v12

Fresh Foam Best Sellers